Mark different beats in the bar with LED/sound

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Mark different beats in the bar with LED/sound

Post by 1vl »

(as allready mentioned under "presets" topic)
I guess, this makes especially sense in the use of presets in live use, as it needs programming beforehand:

Long bars can be internally divided differently (simple example: 7/4 = 3+2+2 or 2+2+3 ...), or a series of different bars 4/4 + 4/4 +4/4 + 5/4 could be programmed to the midronome as one 17/4 bar. Then it would be nice to mark the subdivisions with, for example, a brighter or darker flashing LED or/and a different metronome tone.
Imagine losing track after 10 beats and having to wait until the 99th to find the 1 again... :o

Even in 4/4 bars I find it groovier to play along with the metronome if the beats sounds differently (i.e. back beat accents or on count 3 ... like
! _ * _
1 2 3 4

Since various metronome sounds are already stored, I hope that this can be implemented without too much hassle.
Programming could be done using the 3 buttons tap (tap through sounds?) / play (go to next beat) / mute (have no sound output) and/or the rotary encoder, I guess.
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Re: Mark different beats in the bar with LED/sound

Post by pREFECT »

even something as simple as a blinking led with a different color on the downbeat of the phrase, and the ability maybe to set the phrasing off the tempo how you like? spitballing here. i have wrestled with ways to orientate things with leds for a bit now and what i think would work keeps changing.

my main hangup with the midiclock+ is that you cannot sync it off of something else. i know i know i know. its a master clock. but my friend peter has one also and when we jam either im the boss or he is if that makes sense, and if i wanna restart my shit and hes the master then i have to go to him and hopefully it wont mess up his stuff to resync etc. i would love something to exist that takes external clock, but maybe has the ability to shut off or on if it lets in resync messages and also the ability to turn on or off if you send sync messages, but still be able to resync your own stuff.
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