Ricky Tinez Review (?)

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Ricky Tinez Review (?)

Post by VenC »

Hi Simon and the rest of the Midronome team!

Have you thought about contacting YouTuber Ricky Tinez? He constantly talks about the E-RM Multiclock and praises it but he's always complaining about the high price.

I think this would be a great opportunity to get him to talk about Midronome and why it's a great solution for someone that wants tempo stability without breaking the bank. He also works for Novation and he's quite respected in the audio/synth community.

I just thought you'd want to know about him if you didn't already. He seems cool and would probably want to talk about Midronome. I sent him a message but it's probably best if you contact him too.

Here are a few of his videos where he talks about the E-RM Multiclock

Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqNOML5nbEE
Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qWKrzCnZt8

-Carlos N (VenC)
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Re: Ricky Tinez Review (?)

Post by n4Sphere »

hey carlos, i love ricky. such a cool dude. i guess it would be too late for the kickstarter, but could give further boost, if he likes it.
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Re: Ricky Tinez Review (?)

Post by Simon »

Thank you so much Carlos for the suggestion, you're not the first one who has mentioned Ricky ;)

Awesome that you contacted him directly, thank you! And I had no idea he was working at Novation 8-)

Truth is I contacted Ricky about a year ago - he was literally the first influencer I got in touch with. The project was still in development back then and we did not even have a decent website. So Ricky said he was not interested. (cannot blame him, the first time I just gave him that pretty ugly brochure that did not really present the device in its best angle :lol: )

But I contacted him again last month and this time he was much more into it :D

As I understood he is on board, but like most popular influencers he has a very busy schedule and said he would not be able to do anything for the campaign. Hopefully this gets funded and then we can send him a device for him to review ;)
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