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Expression pedal to make change tempo

Posted: 05 Mar 2022, 16:35
by Simon
This would make one more usage of the "INPUT" of the Midronome, where you would be able to connect an expression pedal, like the ones you use with electric pianos or wah guitar effects.

In the setup of the Midronome, you would select input, then expression, then you would be able to calibrate from which tempo (pedal all the way down) to which tempo (pedal all the way up) it should move. Then, after leaving the setup (and restarting since all settings are saved automatically), the pedal would be by default deactivated, so that accidental press of the pedal does not change the tempo.

To activate or deactivate it you will need to double-tap a button. Once activated:
* not moving the pedal would let you control the tempo from the knob/drum pad/etc as usual
* as soon as the pedal is moved it would "jump" to its tempo value.

* You configure the pedal position "all the way down" to 100 and "all the way up" to 120
* Pedal is all the way down
* You activate the pedal
* You turn the knob to set the tempo to 140
* As soon as the pedal is moved the tempo will jump to 100 and then slowly go up (to max 120)
* Say you stop at 110 and let the pedal be there
* Then you can turn the knob to change the tempo
* As soon as the pedal is moved again the tempo will jump back to 110 and move from there with the pedal

Hope this is clear enough :D

Again let me know if you would like to see this feature implemented, and if you have any comments on the implementation!

Re: Expression pedal to make change tempo

Posted: 08 Mar 2022, 21:42
by Vladderman
YES! That would be really interesting indeed. It would make it much easier to use in a live setting (could be integrated in a pedal board for instance). Would only really work well if you could save the BPM range, maybe even create a preset for it on the device? But I'm definitely interested in this function. Would it need a seperate input on the midronome, or could you use the trigger inputs for instance?

Re: Expression pedal to make change tempo

Posted: 09 Mar 2022, 12:47
by Simon
No this is software-only change, the input will be the pedal input. Which means you will not be able to use this AND a drum pad, or this AND the DAW sync, as they all use the same physical input.

And btw software-only changes definitely have a bigger chance to be implemented. Hardware changes require a lot more time, testing, and money to make. Software change I can make them relatively quickly :D

Re: Expression pedal to make change tempo

Posted: 20 Mar 2022, 23:15
by Mindwarp
I was on my way to suggest this idea. You explained it far better that I would have done it with my bad English speaking 😂.

To expand this idea the tempo could also be programmed to start evolving at the push of a button/switch going from Tempo1 to Tempo2 to Tempo3 … in xxx (programmable) seconds !

It might need an expansion module with more pedal input !