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[F] soling tracks ableton loses sync

Posted: 07 Nov 2023, 18:35
by 9000knobs
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Short description of the issue:
When using the vst plugin in ableton and having the clock running, when user presses SOLO on any audio or midi track, the daw loses connection with the sync. because the midronome track is disabled.

Setup (devices connected to the Midronome and how):
Midronome connected with usb cable to desktop PC
Midi cable connected to Input AKAI force , clock signal goes to DFAM
Steps to Reproduce:
setup plugin as normal using audio output soundcard to input on midronome
Expected Behavior:
i expect the clock to keep syncing off course when soloing instruments in ableton, but it might be just expected behaviour and not a bug.
Actual Behavior:
the clock loses sync when solo is on and resyncs when solo is turned off again
ErrorLog (from the ErrorLogExtractor - ):

Has the Midronome firmware been recently upgraded, from which version to which version?
firmware 2.0

Re: soling tracks ableton loses sync

Posted: 08 Nov 2023, 10:15
by Simon
Thanks for reporting :)
Though I am going to reject this as it is an Ableton issue not a Midronome Plugin issue.

The Midronome plugin is on a track, so yes when you solo another track all other tracks are muted, including the Midronome plugin track: so the sync stops, that makes sense.

What you are looking for is a feature called "Solo safe" or "Solo exempt", which unfortunately does not exist in Ableton. But there are a few workarounds, see here:


Re: [Workaround] soling tracks ableton loses sync

Posted: 13 Dec 2023, 14:24
by Simon
Well you can thank Nektarios who just posted a solution in the Midronome FB Group:
nektarios wrote:For users of (un)Ableton Live which still doesn't have a solo safe/defeat function and every time you solo something, your Midronome VST track gets muted (along with the clocks going to your hardware).
Using the "External audio effect" utility, works but its a device that induces a whooping 30.4ms of latency at 512 buffer size...far from ideal.
But for those who don't know, there is a free max4live device called "Solo Safe" which you place right after your Midronome VST and it defeats soloing that track and is a 0 samples latency device.
Just tried, it works and its free.

Re: [Workaround] soling tracks ableton loses sync

Posted: 13 Dec 2023, 14:26
by nektarios
Nice one Simon.
It works and it’s free. 8-)

Re: [F] soling tracks ableton loses sync

Posted: 26 Apr 2024, 07:55
by Simon
This is now fixed in FW 3.0 with U-SYNC.

Re: [F] soling tracks ableton loses sync

Posted: 26 Apr 2024, 14:27
by MPrinsen
This is also fixed if you use my prefered method: send the audio signal to Midronome by using the External Audio Effect device instead of the regular track output.