controlled by daw? what about gear?

Any questions about the Midronome, technical or not
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controlled by daw? what about gear?

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so i run a gameboy and a midi polyend tracker into a dr beat as a metronome for my drummer. when the gameboy plays, the dr beat starts a metronome that he hears in his headphones. basically, the gameboy OR the polyend tracker is the master clock for our dr beat. i saw the midronome has a daw sync… any way the two midi ports can be used as midi in as well? that would be perfect for what i need, and honestly one of kind(saving me another gear purchase i’m not even mentioning right now).

thanks for any info you can give me! cheers!
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Re: controlled by daw? what about gear?

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Hi :)

The first question in the forum! Thank you for that - it's a LOT easier to manage questions here than the tremendous amount of mails and facebook comments I am getting :D

Regarding your question, I'm a bit confused - if you already have a MIDI Clock, what do you need the Midronome for?
Oh I think I get it, you need it for the Metronome, correct?

The Midronome is designed to work as the Master Clock, that's also where it is the most precise/stable. It can work as a Slave Clock, but only to an audio sync signal like the one sent by the Midronome DAW plugin (basically a pulse with a marking for the bar). Note that as a slave, it can only be as precise as the clock it receives (makes sense). But again if it's the Metronome you want then I would guess it is not the precision/stability you are after :)

If you want rearrange things to make the Midronome the master Clock then you would use the device at its best, with its many options to set the tempo. Alternatively you can get one of your devices to send an audio sync signal to it (any place where you can load a WAV file and output it would work).

Also - just wondering - what is that other gear purchase you were speaking about?

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