Sync to 1-12ppq signal + improved tap tempo

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Sync to 1-12ppq signal + improved tap tempo

Post by Simon »

Important: this feature was previously sync to any pulse from 1 to 24ppq, this has been splitted in two features, this one and viewtopic.php?t=212

Original topic: viewtopic.php?t=113

This is about implementing syncing to any regular signal/audio running at anywhere between 1 to 12 ppqn. This could mean for example a click/metronome, a regular drum kick, or an analog clock from a Eurorack module.

This is a big deal to implement as the Midronome needs a "catch-up" mechanism to sync the downbeat to what is sent (meaning the device will gently accelerate or deccelerate until its metronome is in time with the signal). But the good news are this same mechanism will be able to be used on the tap tempo features (button, pedal, and drum pad), so that you can tap the tempo and the device will not only change its tempo, it will also "catch up" with how you are tapping until it is in sync with the taps.

Important notes:
  • At this point there is no ETA on this feature, and it is not 100% sure how it will be implemented, it might end up being a module (but I'll try my best of course)
  • This type of sync is not very precise, consider it as precise as a tap tempo function with catch-up mechanism

Feel free to comment here regarding:
  • If you think some information is missing or unclear
  • How you would like this feature to be implemented (buttons, settings, how to activate, how it is done, etc.)
  • Why you think this feature is a good addition to the Midronome
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Re: Sync to 1-12ppq signal + improved tap tempo

Post by Milosdrummer »

I strongly support this feature, as it can open up more possible uses for the Midronome. I think a lot of people mistake the current stated syncing options of Midronome for this 'sync to all signals', simply because they (me included) whish it does :)
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Re: Sync to 1-12ppq signal + improved tap tempo

Post by MPrinsen »

Very excited about this. Tap tempo with a catch up mechanism is essential when playing with a band.
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