Minor feature - configuration via SysEx messages

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Minor feature - configuration via SysEx messages

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This is about the possibility to send specific SysEx messages to the "Midronome Commands" device over USB, in order to change every single setting in the device.

Each setting will have an ID number, and for that ID number, there will be a SysEx command to get the current configuration (sent on the "MIDI Clock" device), and to set the configuration. This way this will be backwards compatible as new settings are added. The precise SysEx commands will be added here once the feature is implemented (or close to be).

Note that this feature is not about making an app or a software to configure the device, it's only about publishing the SysEx interface which could be used for such an app or software.

Feel free to comment here regarding:
  • If you think some information is missing or unclear
  • How you would like this feature to be implemented (buttons, settings, how to activate, how it is done, etc.)
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