Partial Beat Detection / Tempo Following

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Partial Beat Detection / Tempo Following

Post by Simon »

This idea comes from Thomas who wrote it to me by email.

Instead of having a full beat detection like the one for the add-on module (see viewtopic.php?t=70 ), this would be about implementing a simpler algorithm which could just follow a Live drummer playing.

The idea would be to:
* Get the drummer to start in time with the Midronome, either using visuals (LEDs) or ideally the metronome
* At some point the drummer presses a button which activates the tempo following mode
* Then the drummer can keep playing without the metronome and the Midronome will slowly adjust to tempo changes

Note that drums need to send some info to the Midronome, probably using a drum sensor on the snare for example.

This will definitely be very experimental and might not work in all situation. But it would be fun to try :)

Let me know what you think!

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