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[A] Sync File Gen produces wrong extension

Posted: 14 May 2023, 08:19
by Dark Waves
Edit by Simon: this issue is caused by the fact the Sync File Gen is producing files without the .wav extension.

Software Tool Sync File Generator version: 0.1-beta

Operating System and version: Win 10

Short description of the issue: In about a dozen attempts, only one wave file was completed. All the others went through the entire process in the program all the way to completion, but the resulting file remained the same blank white rectangle (like a blank sheet of paper) that appears in the folder as a temp placeholder during the process, i.e. they never changed into the finished file. Looking at properties, the one successful one has .wav attribute, the rest have none, just saying "File" without an extension.

I've tried combinations of different tempos, time signatures, lengths, and sample rates; one time added an offset value, but the rest were at zero. Also rebooted the PC and retried a couple of times. The program itself appears to behave correctly during the process, and ends with the message, "File (xyz) generated successfully." I'm doing the normal Windows stuff: selecting a destination folder, giving unique names, etc.

A side note - immediate successive runs of the application default to the last chosen folder location, but if the program is closed in between, the default save location is changed every time to the "This PC" folder, instead of the previous one, which is odd behavior on Windows.

Steps to Reproduce: Launch program, select settings, click "Generate..." button, check result in destination folder.

Expected Behavior: produce "WAV File (.wav)" with icon associated with default player app

Actual Behavior: produces "File" with blanc icon

Re: Incomplete files

Posted: 14 May 2023, 11:11
by Simon
Interesting! :D Thank you for reporting.

I'm wondering if this is a simple extension issue or if the files generated are actually blank? Could you try renaming those blank file into something.wav?

If it works, then this is simply the extension bug, if not then we will have to investigate ;)
The extension bug is known and actually already solved but we are waiting for the new signing certificates (to solve viewtopic.php?t=151 ) before we can release a new version.

Re: Incomplete files

Posted: 15 May 2023, 06:02
by Dark Waves
Tried your suggestion; renamed the blank ones to "whatever.wav" and tried them out and they work as expected. So not hard to work around, just weird that one time it worked normally. It was one of the early tries, but I don't think the first one, not really sure anymore, though.

Also, to compare, tried on an older laptop, similar configuration, and the results are pretty much the same. First one landed fine, after that just the temp placeholders were there, but could be fixed with the .wav extension.

Re: Incomplete files

Posted: 15 May 2023, 08:58
by Simon
Ok great to know! Then yes the bug is that extension bug, it's already solved and will be released with the next release :)

Re: [A] Sync File Gen produces wrong extension

Posted: 15 May 2023, 09:36
by Dark Waves
Great, thanks!