Tempo Decimals - BPM in XXX.YY

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Tempo Decimals - BPM in XXX.YY

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This is about implementing tempo decimals down to the 100th (bpm in XXX.YY).
The feature will be able to be activated/deactivated.

When activated, you will need to hold the Tap Tempo button down and turn the knob to be able to see and modify the decimals. When doing so, the display will show for example ".45", which means the current tempo is "xxx.45". If the integer part of the BPM is changed (for example by turning the knob), the decimal part will be reset to ".00".
When activated and syncing via Audio Sync, the tempo received will be computed in decimals, and the decimals will be saved. Same when tapping the tempo.

Feel free to comment here regarding:
  • If you think some information is missing or unclear
  • How you would like this feature to be implemented (buttons, settings, how to activate, how it is done, etc.)
  • Why you think this feature is a good addition to the Midronome
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