Ableton Live Playhead Problems

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Ableton Live Playhead Problems

Post by andreaseinsiedler »

I'm syncing my Ableton Live and some external synths and want to use the midronome as master clock.

Sometimes i want to start the external synths manually, sometimes i want them to resync via holding the play button.

I record the synths back into ableton arrangement view and i really have a problem with the playhead always starting at 0,0.

Especially when i resync. It makes it bascially impossible to use the arrangement view to record my performance when the playhead jumps back to 0,0.

It also makes it impossible to use the arrangement view to have preprogrammed parts for my live set.

I would really love a mode where live would just start from where i set the playhead and that i can move the playhead to where i want while playing. Live should normaly make the jump on the beat, like when its tempo is set to internal or synced via Ableton Link.
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Re: Ableton Live Playhead Problems

Post by Simon »

HI :)

I'm afraid my poor Ableton skills will not be of much help, but I would be suprised if Ableton does not have an option to do that.
If you do not get any answers here, maybe try the FB group?

Topic moved to general questions since this is not directly related to the Midronome ;)

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