Discuss or suggest new features here.
Please do not report bugs here, use the "Bug Reports" forum instead.
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This forum is for larger discussions about bugs of future features.

If you want to report a new bug, please do it in the appropriate Bug Reporting forums (search if it already exists or has been reported before first).

If you have something to say about a very specific feature or bug already listed in the following forums, then please write your comment there, not here:
A strong word of warning regarding feature suggestions:
  • There is no guarantee any suggested feature will ever be implemented until a topic has been created in the Potential future features forum and has been approved (marked with [A]).
  • If the feature is approved, there is no guarantee regarding when or how it will be implemented, everything is subject to change.
The decision to choose which feature get implemented is difficult, it is a mix of your votes (link coming soon), how easy it is to implement the feature, and the impact on the overall user experience of the device.

Thank you for your understanding! :)
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