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iOS - Audiobus

Posted: 27 Feb 2023, 19:03
by leesinthemix
Hi there,

Will the Midronome be compatible with iOS devices?

I'm hoping I can send a stable clock into the iOS app Audiobus over USB.

Re: iOS - Audiobus

Posted: 26 Mar 2023, 16:42
by Simon
Hi :)

Communication between an app and the Midronome is possible but not particularly easy.

It looks like the app can receive (and follow) MIDI Clock, and the Midronome sends MIDI Clock over its USB port, so you need to send this to the app somehow.

It will require either a computer in between to forward the clock (not ideal), or you will need a special arrangement, as the Midronome can only be a USB device. Phones and tablets can usually be either device or host with a USB on-the-go (OTG) cable.
The problem is that the Midronome also receives power from the USB, so if you put a USB OTG cable between your phone and the Midronome, the phone also needs to send power to the Midronome.