Midronome to One Trick Pony

Any questions about the Midronome, technical or not
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Midronome to One Trick Pony

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I'm looking to perform live with my SE-02 sequencer in song mode. My hands will be busy playing bass so I'm looking for a way to play the sequencer with a foot pedal. I bought a One Trick Pony and I can control the start/stop function with the OTP but it does not run the sequencer because there is no clock source. My question is If I Midi out from the OTP to the Midronome and then Midi in to the SE-02 will I be able to start and stop the sequencer by sending the clock signal? Will the midronome be able to be powered by the OTP. I am having a difficult time finding answers to this and someone pointed me in the direction of this device.

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Re: Midronome to One Trick Pony

Post by Simon »

Hi :)

Well actually the solution to your problem is easy, it's called... the Midronome :D

Maybe you did not know: you can hook up a simple footswitch to the Midronome (actually you can hook up max 2) to control mute/unmute, play/pause, or tap tempo (or a mix of these if you have 2 footswitches). Pretty much any footswitch would work - use a keyboard sustain pedal for example, they do not cost much.

Then the Midronome will send both MIDI clock and start/stop to your devices. If you hook up 2 pedals and configure both of them as Start/stop they will each control start/stop on one MIDI output.

As for the One Trick Pony - interesting concept btw!! - I am afraid you cannot really use it as such with the Midronome. You could potentially set it up with a MIDI merger to merge MIDI clock from the Midronome and MIDI Start/stop from the OTP, or you could wait for the Midronome add-on modules where you would be able to power the OTP from and receive its Start/stop message...

But really that's a lot of troubles when the Midronome can do all of that already :)

Let me know if there is anything else that is unclear, and feel free to have a look at the full walkthrough (it's long though :D ) if you need to know in-depth knowledge about what the Midronome can do: https://youtu.be/hkw9dmLfkZQ

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