Click Audio Out connection to stage XLR snake

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Click Audio Out connection to stage XLR snake

Post by Tim »

Hi Simon and team,

I see from the spec that the audio out is a 6.35mm (1/4") Balanced TRS jack, i.e. balanced mono - if switched to this mode. Please correct me if this is wrong. P.S. Great design here!

I intend to use the Midronome in a live setting, on stage. The intention is to feed the click into an A&H stage box (, which only has balance XLRs in. The click audio will them be routed within an SQ-6 mixer to monitor groups and sent back through ethernet to Personal Mixers ( Singers and musicians can then each vary how much click they want to hear in their IEMs.

I have two questions:

a) If I use a standard TRS jack to male XLR, am I potentially going to damage the Midronome if +48V phantom power is accidentally turned on for that channel? Or is there protection built into the Midronome?

b) What is your recommended way to connect the Midronome balanced TRS out to the balance XLR in on stage equipment? i.e. Must I use a TRS-TRS cable from the Midronome into a passive DI box and then a regular XLR-XLR to the stage box?

Kind regards,
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Re: Click Audio Out connection to stage XLR snake

Post by Simon »

Hi TIm :)

Wow - unbelievable, I actually completely forgot about phantom power... Very ironic for an audio engineer :roll:

TRS to XLR will work perfectly fine, it's like any other balanced signal. DI box will also work but is not necessary (that's the whole point of the balanced signal).

As for whether phantom power will destroy or not the device, I will have to investigate. For now let's say if you can avoid it it is much better ;)

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