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Add a Word Clock output setting

Posted: 06 Dec 2022, 07:27
by vocalbird
I would love the Midronome to be the starting point for my whole setup's timing sync. The specs you have imply you are already clocking internally at sample rates. If there was a Word Clock output (from the Midronome) at the same sample rate, I could sync my Audient ASP880, which then syncs at sample rate with my Arturia AudioFuse Studio over ADAT.

Looking at the connectors already on the unit, would the CV output be high fidelity enough to carry Word Clock? Or would this require an expansion to the hardware? Perhaps a module?

Re: Add a Word Clock output setting

Posted: 06 Dec 2022, 12:30
by Simon
Hey there :)

That's an interesting idea indeed :D
It's a little bit outside of the scope for the Midronome, as WorldClock is tempo independent, but why not!

I do not know much about World Clock (other than from a user's point of view), but I doubt the current hardware would be able to provide a decent signal. So yes this would need a module.

I'll keep it in mind in any case, thanks for the suggestion :)