Tempo catch-up/resync by tapping (tap tempo or external pad)

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Tempo catch-up/resync by tapping (tap tempo or external pad)

Post by bogdanoctav »


As I talked to Simon two days ago, here is a feature that I find crucial: A tempo catch-up algorithm, that works when tapping the tap tempo button or an external pad.

What it does is the following: on tapping it will detect the new bpm, and detect the offset, then calculate a catch-up maneuver.
If tempo has accelerated, it will accelerate a bit more than the target bpm in order to catch-up, then „brake” to the target bpm, once it has reached an offset that is small enough.
If the bpm has decreased, the other way round.

This feature allows a drummer to resync the MIDI-sequences in a very organic way when playing with an extended liveband or in a jamsession (that's the way I am using it)

This feature has been implemented in a pedal called Ploytec One.2, and was part of a software called Circular Logic InTime. It is basically a more organic approach to resync-ing a beat to live players.
One the Ploytec it works well, but the device is fairly limited in all other aspects. No screen (so it is not possible to change the tempo via a dial, too), no external triggers, MIDI-DIN only.

I feel the Midronome could become a killer device if it had that feature, too, and I feel it definitely could. Actually, the features now, together with the tempo catch-up and Ableton Link functionality, would make for the world's most versatile tempo device.

Everything is in place.

Simon, do you think you can do it? If I can help, let me know.

All the best from Romania!

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Re: Tempo catch-up/resync by tapping (tap tempo or external pad)

Post by Simon »

Thanks Bogdan for creating a topic about it :)

It sounds like that would be quite a challenge (and therefore, a lot of fun :D ) to code, so yea sounds great I'd love to give this a go!

But like all the (many) feature requests it might have to wait, my time is limited and I have to start implementing what most people want first ;)

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