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Soundbrenner communication

Posted: 20 Oct 2022, 17:50
by Kood_x
Since syncing with ableton is now a thing, it seems like its only a step away to add communication with Soundbrenner's metronome. Their solution is already able to sync wirelessly to the DAW.

Having tactile and visual cues instead of traditional clicks was a revelation to us. I guess once ableton is communicating with the Midronome it would maybe be already possible to send the click to the watch. That would need to be tested. But having a direct link to the phone app would be even more useful, keeping everyone on tempo in a loud environment like practice sessions.

Maybe it would even be a mutually beneficial endeavour.

Go clickless!

Re: Soundbrenner communication

Posted: 20 Oct 2022, 18:20
by Simon
Awesome idea, man, yes I'd love to implement that. That could easily be implemented in the add-on module since it will have WiFi capibilities.

Do you know how the Soundbrenner connects to DAW in terms of protocol?


Re: Soundbrenner communication

Posted: 20 Oct 2022, 19:00
by Kood_x
Can't go much further than tell that we are currently using it with wifi ableton link through the app, but it does have BLE for other stuff. Sorry.

Re: Soundbrenner communication

Posted: 20 Oct 2022, 19:52
by Simon
It's ok - I'll investigate :)
But not a huge priority at the moment so do not expect this anytime soon ;)

Re: Soundbrenner communication

Posted: 28 Feb 2023, 08:43
by mattbassg
Just adding my +1 for this - I regularly work with a drummer who loves his Soundbrenner, so we're investigating using that to help the band stay in sync with each other - but the bandleader wants ultimate control over tempo rather than rely on Soundbrenner as the master source.

In fact the reason I signed up for the Kickstarter campaign was looking for the tool to be master clock in our ideal scenaria where it controls Soundbrenner, sends audio click and MIDI clock to other MIDI gear... so the more of that the Midronome can do ' in the box' (even relying on add-on modules) the better!

Re: Soundbrenner communication

Posted: 09 Feb 2024, 17:21
by alejoe91
Hi guys! Any update on this? Another +1!

We also have been using the Midronome and we love it. The only problem is that when we practice the drums is not in the monitor so it's a bit hard fot the drummer to hear both metronome, other instruments, and drums.

A solution like soundbrenner integration would definitely solve our problem!