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Merger - Hub

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My current setup works uses a footswitch controller that can generate the midi clock. Signal is then chained thru my midi capables devices using their out/thru jacks. But by the time it reaches the last device it jitters so much that it adds a lot of artifacts to the sound. The biggest offender in the chain being the Fractal FM3.

I was planning to use a midi hub to distribute the midi commands instead of daisy chaining every pedal and modules. The Motu Micro lite is a great example.

Thinking to add the midronome as an easily accessible and accurate master clock for this setup. Would going through basic splitter / merger or devices like the Motu hubs have a considerable impact on the precision that the midronome procides?

Thanks again.
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Re: Merger - Hub

Post by Simon »

Well I usually say it does not, but I guess you example prooves me wrong :lol:

But I would still say in most cases it's fine, just avoid chaining too much, use a MIDI Thru box instead, the Motu Micro lite for example.
In your case try to remove the one device (the FM3 it sems?) that affects the clock the most.

As for merging, yea that's another story since more messages need to be "inserted" and that can move the MIDI Clock messages a lot more. It depends what you are merging, just a few MIDI notes should be fine, but a huge flock of MIDI CC (while turning a knob for example) will be problems guaranteed with the clock.

And in either case, whether going through MIDI thru&merge or not, having a clock that is originally jitter-free and precise like the one from the Midronome, will definitely improve the stability and precision of the setup :)

Hope that helps!

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