Metronome audio only while playing

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Metronome audio only while playing

Post by cowboy »

Is it possible for the click audio to only be produced while the unit is playing? I won't need to (and would rather not) hear the click while no song is currently playing. Thanks!
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Re: Metronome audio only while playing

Post by Simon »

RIght now you need to press both the Mute and the Play button - then yes it will stop.

Implementing it so the device mutes automatically when you press play/stop is literally a few seconds to implement but it will be very confusing for people who want independent control of mute & play, so it will need to be an option (which will take more time).

You're not the first one to ask about this. Julian (from the review video) did as well :)
If you really want this I suggest you create a topic in the "New Features" forum to make it an official request :)
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