Improved control & sync to Ableton

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Improved control & sync to Ableton

Post by Simon »

Hey guys

So the idea here is to be able to

1) sync to Ableton tightly using DAW Sync
2) but still control Ableton using the device (changing the tempo and sending MIDI Start/Stop

The way this would work is:
  • When Ableton transport is PLAYING: the device syncs to it via DAW Sync, you cannot change the tempo, but you can press the play button to stop Ableton
  • When Ableton transports is STOPPED: the device acts as a master, you can change the tempo which will change the tempo in Ableton, and pressing the play button will start Ableton
It's important to note that in this case Ableton will never "sync" to the device, it's more of a "set tempo" feature (please ask me if you need me to clarify this). The real sync is happening using DAW Sync when Ableton starts.


PS: "Ableton" is named for simplicity, but this will work with any DAW that accepts MIDI Clock, i.e. Ableton, Bitwig, Reason (so far).
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