Loop Pedal Speed Adjustment

Any questions about the Midronome, technical or not
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Loop Pedal Speed Adjustment

Post by Drummerbean123 »

Hi Simon,

I recently came across the Midronome and Kickstarter Campaign (which by the way, is it live again yet? I want to back you!) - I love the concept!

Bearing in mind I'm still new to this, I may have overlooked previous developments, but I have a question for you:

In the case where a guitar is looped through a something like a Boss RC300, I understand firstly, the Midronome would sync to that. Taking it from there, in the drum world, there would be an SPD-SX set up, which would play pre-recorded loops and samples, but also be using the tap-tempo on a pad control (not button control), allowing any pre-saved loops and samples within that kit to morph to that new tempo without pitch being affected, and also, in turn, being able to adjust the Midronome tempo.

NOW, the question lies in this: with the Midronome also controllable from the SPD-SX, would only the click tempo (from the Midronome) be affected (essentially, the 'canvas'), or is it possibe that, in the same way as loops and samples within the SPD-SX can morph, would loop speed from the guitar loop pedal also be controllable from the drum world through the Midronome? And without pitch being affected? (Although I can imagine pitch bend could be a cool feature, where desired!)

Thanks in advance! And I hope this makes sense!
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Re: Loop Pedal Speed Adjustment

Post by Simon »

Hey there!

Yes Kickstarter is relaunching - tomorrow :) Join the mailing list (on the website) for more info.

Regarding your tech questions:

The first thing to realize is that the Midronome is the master clock expect in particular cases (following an audio signal to sync to a DAW is one of them).

It sends MIDI Clock (among others) which I believe the RC-300 can follow, and the SPD-SX also can follow.

It also sends MIDI Start/Stop, which should be able to
1) start a looping sequence on the RC-300
2) maybe start a sequence on the SPD-SX?

But the truth is I cannot guarantee any of these - the Midronome sends the signals, then it's up to the receiving devices to react to it correctly, and it varies from one device to another.

You're not the first one to ask about the RC-300, I did a bit of research and it seems the RC-300 is a bit strange regarding MIDI Clock. The manual says you can sync 2 devices together (i.e. two RC-300) but it does not mention if you can sync to an external device.
This guy seems to say it is not possible but he found a workaround: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_jmOYaHVPY

I highly suggest you investigate yourself by
1) reading the manuals and checking youtube
2) asking Boss & Roland support directly if the manual isn't clear enough (it often isn't :roll: )
3) if you have MIDI Gear that sends MIDI Clock (and MIDI Start), try it. A computer with a DAW will be able to do that.

Maybe someone who has an RC-300 on this forum will be able to answer your question. If you join the VIPs you can also ask in the VIP facebook group as I know a few VIPs have asked me about the RC-300.

Hope this helps you move forward!


PS: moved this topic to the "Questions" forum where it belongs ;)
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