(web based) Sysex editor/configurator

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(web based) Sysex editor/configurator

Post by pieterv1 »

Since there will be option to send Midi clock out over the USB port, I assume the Midronome will be recognized by the computer as a Midi device? So maybe would it be possible to create a (web based) configuration tool using Sysex commands?

Firefox and Chrome have supported Midi for a while now so it should be fairly easy to create using Sysex. By keeping it web based, it would be a universal tool for very OS. With many browsers you can create shortcuts which open in their own window, making the webpage feel much more like an app:
https://support.google.com/chrome_webst ... 0053?hl=en

Could come in handy for all the (future) new features!
- changing metronome sound & time signature
- managing offset separately for all Midi & analog clock outputs
- adjusting swing (is this a thing yet? :idea:), managing groove presets
- managing tempo presets
- changing analog clock out resolution
- toggling auto start with DAW
- ...
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Re: (web based) Sysex editor/configurator

Post by masi »

Of course it is possible to write a configurator for Midronome that sends its data as sysex commands. You don't even need to connect Midronome via USB. Any MIDI port attached to the PC will do.

If it is web based note that Safari and iOS browser won't work.

Safari, which is based on WebKit, will not have MIDI support:

All Browsers on iOS are WebKit browsers by Apples' policy for that platform. Chrome, Firefox etc are only shells with their own UI but the same web code underneath. So no luck on iOS tablets.

Firefox has support for it since version 99 (?), but it the feature is still hidden behind a flag (dom.webmidi.enabled in about:config).

Most important IMHO for any configurator is if Midronome is capable or reporting its current config (complete or per config) as answer to a sysex query command. Without that feature the configurator can only blindly overwrite the device settings.

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