USB vesus MIDI

Any questions about the Midronome, technical or not
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USB vesus MIDI

Post by dylan »

I have all my external approx 8 synths synced via USB and can send midi information to them. What is the advantage to adding the Midronome over the USB set up?
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Re: USB vesus MIDI

Post by Simon »

Hi Dylan

If you have no synchronisation or timing issues, you probably do not need the Midronome ;)

It adds a bunch of pratical features though like Pedal control, drum pad control (to tap the tempo), and in the future Ableton Link and Bluetooth control.

But my guess is you are not sending MIDI Clock over USB? Because this tends to work pretty bad timing wise (MIDI notes will work ok though - and the Midronome cannot send MIDI Notes, only MIDI Clock used to sync your arpeggiators, sequencers, etc.).

Hope that makes sense

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