Greetings from the first "Saffa"

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Greetings from the first "Saffa"

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Hello from South Africa,

We are known to other expats living across the globe as "Saffas", in-case you where wondering.

I am a freelance musician and hobbyist, spending what is left of my free time playing with Synths, organs and other keyboard technology. Sadly in South Africa, our economy is pretty shite and means not all of us have jobs or the money to get fancy toys, I have been very lucky to have been able to acquire quite a few pieces of gear before my revenue stream ended...

I also play in at-least 2 live outfits as the keyboardist, one being classic rock cover band and the other being a original music bubblegum punk rock band.

In South Africa, there aren't that many keyboard players and even less of them that really are into Synth, even less into modular gear. They are mostly focused in CapeTown with the rest scattered between Johannesburg (close to me) and Pretoria.

We do what we can to collaborate or hang out from time to time, but finances and time make this hard to do.

I am also fairly technical when it comes to IT (computers, no programming tho) and electronics, as I am after my retrenchment 2 years ago work as a IT Consultant and Electronics Technician, next to my music shenanigans.

Looking forward to help and contribute where I can. I have always wanted a device like the Midronome, so that I can integrate my synth technology better into my live bands!

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Re: Greetings from the first "Saffa"

Post by Dark Waves »

Hey Wolfie,

I'm going to have to try out that "Saffa" bit on a colleague. If he doesn't punch me, I'll know it's legit!

Cheers from California, where some of our budgets are tight, too, believe it or not.

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