Features that have a good chance of being implemented in the future, and Firmware updates.
Topics ar marked as: [A]=Approved, [WIP]=Work in Progress, [F]=Finished
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The topics in this forum are created manually by the team from your suggestions in Discussions & debates forum.

Topics are marked as:
  • Unmarked if the topic has just been created by the team. Having a topic here is some sort of "pre-approval", meaning the feature makes sense and could potentially be implemented
  • [A] for Approved: the feature is officially approved and will be implemented in the future
  • [WIP] for Work in Progress: the dev team has started to work on the feature, potentially released a beta version of the firmware with it
  • [F] for Finished and Released: the feature is fully implemented, and an official firmware has been released with it
Thank you - keeping this forum and the bug reporting ones clean and tidy will really help everybody having an overview of the bugs and future features of the device.

A strong word of warning regarding feature suggestions:
  • There is no guarantee any suggested feature will ever be implemented until its associated topic has been approved.
  • If the feature is approved, there is no guarantee regarding when or how it will be implemented, everything is subject to change.
The decision to choose which feature get implemented is difficult, it is a mix of your votes (link coming soon), how easy it is to implement the feature, and the impact on the overall user experience of the device.

Thank you for your understanding! :)
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