Songwriter/Indie band from Ohio

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Songwriter/Indie band from Ohio

Post by jaredmahone »

Hi Simon,

I have been looking for a solution like this for a few years. I can't believe I missed the promotion and support of the Kickstarter campaign. I really would just love to buy a Midronome and I haven't figured out how yet. Is there a "buy now" button somewhere? Are these available?

I do a lot of live looping with my RC 600 as a solo performer but I also have a band. My auxiliary guy who sings back up and plays percussion also triggers samples from a Roland SPD-SX and also does some light keyboard work on a Roland FA-06. Some of the SPD-SX samples are time-based as well as a few loops. It's never a problem to keep those in sync because we have most often used the internal metronome in the SPD-SX to send out to the band via in-ears. But, we've also wanted to try using some arpeggiating sounds/effects on the keyboard AND the ultimate dream of mine to be able to loop from the RC 600 as it slaves to the same external metronome that is keeping the SPD-SX and the keyboard sounds in sync. The closest we've come is using Ableton and a Moto midi split to run cables to these devices. But, as you can imagine, there was plenty of jitter and this drummer isn't a consistent member of the band so when he can't make a gig, so goes the Ableton and his laptop. The idea of buying a laptop, buying Ableton, and figuring out an entire DAW just to have a master clock for live performances seems ridiculous when all I want is a solid, hardware brain that is keeping everyone in time with audio and everything in time with midi. Midronome seems like the perfect solution.

I can't believe the SPD-SX doesn't act as a master clock. It specifically says it does not send master clock information. So many drummers have these drum pads and so many bands who use SPD-SX pads play with click and time-based sequencers and effects. I can't believe Roland hasn't added this as a feature of the SPD-SX. It would be amazing if the Midronome offered a mod for the SPD-SX. It's already a central piece of hardware for so many timekeepers.

Eventually, I'd love to incorporate some of my guitar players time-based effects. I really need the Midronome. I am so surprised something like this hasn't existed before.
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Re: Songwriter/Indie band from Ohio

Post by Simon »

Hey Jared!

Welcome to the community :D
Happy you found it, and awesome usage of the Midronome, it sounds like it will be very useful for you and the band :)

Yes you can still pre-order - let me get back to you with a link very shortly :)

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