U-SYNC for Windows

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Re: U-SYNC for Windows

Post by mattbassg »

Windows - yes please. Mostly Windows 10 for recording, but 11 will be forcing it's way through eventually.

Using a Focusrite 2i4 2nd gen and / 6i8 3rd gen with Ableton 12 and the Focusrite USB ASIO

It's not a deal breaker for me not to have USYNC for Windows right now (as most of my current use is live and without a DAW) - but I know I'll likely need to be using a DAW live in the next 18 months or so and an Apple device (other than iPad) is not at all on my horizon... so if USYNC for Windows will become more important to me in time...

Still love Midronome BTW
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Re: U-SYNC for Windows

Post by soulomon »


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Re: U-SYNC for Windows

Post by think2wice »

Lack of U-SYNC for Windows is the only thing swaying me away from buying a Midronome. Otherwise I'd probably be one of the first to pick one up when the next batch is ready.

Please make it happen, guys. There's a Lotta PC based producers out there these days, compared to yesteryear.

My specs are:

Win 11 Pro.
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Ableton live 12
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Re: U-SYNC for Windows

Post by SalaciousBCrumb »

I too would very much like to see a Windows version. I'm aware that 24P will still work, but it doesn't feel great to be abandoned as a user for feature support (if even only one aspect) this early into a product's life's span.

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Re: U-SYNC for Windows

Post by MarkF »

Yeah, I supported in Kickstarter and would be pretty disappointed if there wasn't a Windows version of Usync, personally. I don't use Mac.

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Simon wrote: 29 May 2024, 15:33 Hi :)

U-SYNC 1.0 only works for Mac, and for now the Windows version is indefinitely postponed.

Would you really like U-SYNC to work on Windows? If so please comment below with:
  • Your Windows version
  • Your Audio interface (or the main one(s), if you are using many)
  • If you know, what audio driver you are using
And if you just want to make your voice heard, you can ignore all of these and simply reply "+1" :D

Thank you!
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Re: U-SYNC for Windows

Post by HappyClocker »

Hi @Simon,

Are there news regarding U-Sync for Win?
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