Mounting for the midronome

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Mounting for the midronome

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I would like to show you my self-made midronome holder. Actually I work with metal, but wood is so much fun that I like to tinker with it. Fortunately I have a pretty good workshop and a lot of scrap wood that I can use.

I used a dark wood, I don't know the exact name. The holder is attached with a bolt that I countersunk. The bolt fits into an old drum cymbal arm. This allows me to integrate the midronome into my drum set.
Since the midronome tilts backwards due to connected cables (when it is not standing on a surface), I put two small flat magnets under the device. I recycled the magnets from some packaging. They hold the Midronome very well, even upside down.
At first I wasn't quite sure whether the magnets could affect the midronome in any way. But Simon confirmed to me that it shouldn't have any effect. Every iPhone or iPad has various magnets built in around electronics. You would have to bring very, very strong magnets close to the device for anything to happen.

Maybe this is an inspiration for someone.
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Re: Mounting for the midronome

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Amazing woodwork!! :D :shock: 8-)
The most beautiful Midronome holder I've seen so far!

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