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Hello I'm Vincent,

I live in France, and make electronic music since early 90's. I started with amiga 500, my first sampler. I made several tunes that I uploaded, sometimes ripped from old tapes. You can listen to them here:

Than I discovered midi with cubase on atari 1040. My first synth was a korg wavestation, then an akai S2000. And... I discovered ebay, and vintage gear. My first purchase was a korg MS10, and I remember the seller telling me "you have started, you will catch the virus". He was right, and
over the years, I have acquired many synthesizers and drum machines.

My latest acquisition is an old korg KR55, that has no input for clocking, so I want to make it master for all the stuff midi, synch24 and trig (korg sq10), and that's why I got the midronome. But the midronome doesn't synch on 8ppqn but needs 24ppqn if I'm right. I managed to synch Live with it using the PAD input, but had to reverse the trig signal of the kr. And after a few seconds the synchro shifts. I don't know exactely why but I suppose that the pad input isn't very accurate for building a midiclock. The ideal would be for the midronome to accept the 8ppqn, but I don't know if it's planned.

Thanks for reading me,

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Re: Bonjour

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Hello Vincent, welcome to the community, very glad to have you here!! :D :D

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