Plugin / Sync Audio Coming back through Midronome's Headphone Out

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Plugin / Sync Audio Coming back through Midronome's Headphone Out

Post by muZikman »

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I am trying to max out this lovely little red and black gem, and am despite the headaches trying to deal w/ Reaper, I'm getting much closer to ultimate success. I'm using the plugin in regular 24pp mode, and seems to be working (minus latency issues, separate issue). However, in sending the audio out of my interface for the sync feature to work, I'm now hearing that 24p buzz sound coming through the audio outs on my Midronome, into headphones, etc. It's alongside the normal click you're supposed to hear, but obviously isn't wanted. While muting the click works, it will not mute the noise.:

Important considerations for my connections are that I'm using standard HOSA TRS splitters on both audio in/out on the midronome, to be able to use both 1/2 options. For output I'm sending tip to my headphone amp, and the ring to a small drum mixer. On the input side I have the tip designated to be a momentary pedal for start/stop, and the ring side is either tap tempo or, in this case, would be how I connect the audio line back from the interface carrying 24pp

I have tried removing the Midro's input splitter cable, and the noise is still there. So going directly in doesn't seem to matter. I have a few other random cables to try, but the problem isn't noise or faulty connections, because I'm hearing what the machine SHOULD hear.... I just don't want to hear it in my ears.:

Newest firmware unless I'm missing something in the last couple of weeks. Is there a setting I'm missing or something for what gets sent to the audio outs on the Midronome?

I appreciate all of your helps. I love this device... it's the DAWs that keep messing my life up.
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Re: Plugin / Sync Audio Coming back through Midronome's Headphone Out

Post by Simon »

Hi :)

I think what you hearing is not the sound of the plugin (though it sounds slightly like it), but the buzz resulting of a ground loop in the audio circuit.
This is a well-known issue which has quite a few workarounds.

Could you please check this topic: viewtopic.php?t=199
and see if any of the workarounds mentioned help resolving your issue :)

Let us know how it goes!
Thank you and happy new year :D

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