[R] Buz in the audio output

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[R] Buz in the audio output

Post by misterswing12 »

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Short description of the issue:

Hi, when i plug my cable from the Audio Port of the midronome and to my input interface, I have a huge buzz. I use the same cable and same interface input to record bass, synths, etc. and I have no issue.

Setup (devices connected to the Midronome and how):
Audio Interface Cranborne audio
I have the USB Cable to my computer.
a cable from the midronome input to an output of my audio interface Cranborne audio 500R8
a cable from the audio midronome to an input of my audio interface Cranborne audio 500R8
A midi cable between the Midronome and my prophet 6.

I follow your video and PDF to connect evertyhing and configure the midronome and my DAW step by step.

Steps to Reproduce:


Expected Behavior:
Hear the click from the midronome

Actual Behavior:
The sync is ok but impossible to hear the click from the midronome, the buzz is so importqnt that is covering the click signal.

ErrorLog (from the ErrorLogExtractor - https://midronome.com/support ):

Has the Midronome firmware been recently upgraded, from which version to which version?
Yes, version 2.
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Re: Buz in the audio output

Post by Simon »

Hi :)

Sorry about that. It's a known issue, and there are plenty workarounds (the quickest being: use a TRS/stereo/balanced cable).
See this topic: viewtopic.php?t=199


PS: I am locking this topic, feel free to write in the original topic if you have questions/comments :)