[Deprecated] Midronome DAW Plugin version 1.1.0

Features that have a good chance of being implemented in the future, and Firmware updates.
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[Deprecated] Midronome DAW Plugin version 1.1.0

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STATUS: Released, download available on https://github.com/Midronome/Midronome-plugin


Fixed issues:
  • Wrong timing in AAX when both playing and recording - viewtopic.php?t=289
  • The plugin previously had no GUI which was confusing - now it shows the Midronome logo ;) (it still has no controls)
New Features:
  • The plugin now handles x/8 time signatures, doubling the tempo on the Midronome so the metronome matches with the DAW's - viewtopic.php?t=283
    • Note: this feature will probably be removed in the future, replaced by actual support of time signatures in x/8 on the Midronome
Internal Improvements:
  • The whole algorithm to send the pulses has been improved. Since the plugin only gets the tempo per sample block, if there is a tempo change within a block, it does not know before the next block.
    • Before, this would get the plugin to send too many or too few pulses, and get the Midronome out of sync
    • Now, when this happens, the plugin will "catch up", by sending pulses at 400bpm (if it sent too few) or 30bpm (if it sent too many) so that after a few pulses the DAW and the Midronome are perfectly in sync.
    • Note that you will not experience any of that unless you have a large buffer size (256 or more) and wild tempo changes
  • Any tempo outside the Midronome's range (30 to 400bpm) will now stop the pulses
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