[R] Missing "Midronome Commands" Interface in FL Studio

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[R] Missing "Midronome Commands" Interface in FL Studio

Post by spacialrob »

Rejected: on Windows the USB-MIDI Interface is simply called "Midronome".


Short description of the issue:
The "Midronome Commands [OUT]" interface is not showing up as an option in the FL Midi Device selection window. It looks like the other two [OUT]s ARE available.


Setup (devices connected to the Midronome and how):
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, USB to PC.

ErrorLog (from the ErrorLogExtractor - https://midronome.com/support ):

Has the Midronome firmware been recently upgraded, from which version to which version?
To 2.0
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Re: Missing "Midronome Commands" Interface in FL Studio

Post by Simon »

Hi Rob,
It is there, in Windows it is simply called "Midronome", right above the two others ;)
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