New competition for Midronome

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New competition for Midronome

Post by Dave »

A competitor of sorts (same space but more focused on modular overall) has arrived. Rather different philosophies on display when looking at the hardware.
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Re: New competition for Midronome

Post by Simon »

Wow, amazing :D

Thanks so much for letting me know! I know Joe we spoke a few times on the gearspace forums. Really nice guy, and makes great gear from what I can see :)
I checked a few things about the ClockStep Multi and the first thing to say is that he's much better than me at making videos :D

Regarding the device, I am really looking forward to hearing what people say about it - feel free to comment on this post as well!
I know the feedback on the Clock Step (previous model) was already quite positive, this one looks fancier, the colored buttons is a really nice touch ;)

IMHO, the biggest down though is the lack of a screen, even a small one - because writing everything on colored buttons sounds a bit difficult ;)
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Re: New competition for Midronome

Post by Foksadure »

For those interested, Pete Kvitek's MidiGAL (an enhanced Mutable Instruments MIDIPal clone) has a great MIDI Clock tester, generator and fixer firmware.

A MIDI Clock fixing mode could be an interesting improvement for the Midronome firmware, by sampling and correcting a sluggish USB MIDI clock:
In MIDI Clock Generator mode, MidiClk generates super stable MIDI clock with BPM selected by the encoder or measured by sampling MIDI Clock events received on MIDI IN.
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