[A] DAW Plugin - community open-source project

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[A] DAW Plugin - community open-source project

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This feature is about making a Midronome plugin (for example a VST or AU) which will be an alternative to the Sync File Generator when syncing Midronome to a DAW via Audio Sync (see the Midronome manual for more information about Audio Sync).

Unlike the other features, this feature will be run as a community open-source project. This means the plugin code will be open-source, and that without the community's help a proper plugin will have a hard time to see the light of day.

Note: for now this topic is locked in order to keep it clean. It will be unlocked when I have more info and an open-source repository set up.In the meantime, you can read this: viewtopic.php?p=1023#p1023 (feel free to comment there as well, for ex telling what you think on this running as a community open-source project).