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by Vladderman
12 Apr 2022, 11:39
Forum: New Features
Topic: Mount the Midronome on a microphone stand
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Re: Mount the Midronome on a microphone stand

Yeah, that'd be an awesome addition. We find that its always a bit of a struggle to position the midronome in live situations. (In some cases you might need a seperate table/keyboard stand to put the midronome on) Mounting it on a mic stand would definitely help a lot!!
by Vladderman
08 Mar 2022, 23:10
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Topic: Gear pics
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Re: Gear pics

:shock: :shock: :shock:

What a setup! Holy crap!
by Vladderman
08 Mar 2022, 21:42
Forum: New Features
Topic: Expression pedal to make change tempo
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Re: Expression pedal to make change tempo

YES! That would be really interesting indeed. It would make it much easier to use in a live setting (could be integrated in a pedal board for instance). Would only really work well if you could save the BPM range, maybe even create a preset for it on the device? But I'm definitely interested in this...
by Vladderman
03 Mar 2022, 19:36
Forum: Questions
Topic: Using the audio input...
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Re: Using the audio input...

Has anyone tried it for real? N The drummer of my band uses the big knob on the midronome to do precisely that, mid-song. During a certain section of a song we gradually ramp up from 160 to about 170/180 bpm. It took some getting used to and I have to say we do all play with click on our ears, but ...