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by thetechnobear
07 May 2023, 13:12
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Topic: Daw Sync Plug-In + Usamo comparison
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Re: Daw Sync Plug-In + Usamo comparison

As a developer of vsts , I totally sympathize with Simon in this. A vst could become a pretty large overhead on the project. And frankly, personally, I’d prefer Simon spent his time/effort focused on the firmware side of midrnome I think this could be a good area for the community to get involved, a...
by thetechnobear
07 May 2023, 13:05
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Topic: Latency adjustment
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Re: Latency adjustment

+ 1 on this

a simple offset per output would be very useful.

Negative would be handy, and should be simple to add … as I practice you just add the negative amount to every other output.
( no such thing as negative latency 😂)
by thetechnobear
06 May 2023, 14:33
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Topic: eurorack syncronisation
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eurorack syncronisation

Just got my Midronome - yay... looks like a fantastic product ! so one question, or possible feature request... for use with eurorack. many eurorack sequencers will required two inputs (so 2 outputs from midronome). essentially, one is the clock ( so as we can do with An1/2), the other is a run/rese...